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Mao, Bund & Pudong.JPG (16884 bytes)

Mao overlooking the Bund and the Pudong skyline.


Ohel Moshe.JPG (37200 bytes)

The sign says this is the site of the Ohel Moshe synagogue.  Can't go in on Sundays...


Tea house.JPG (31899 bytes)

The old tea house in the middle of the lake.  This is just across from the Yu Yuan Garden.


Cleaning.JPG (18880 bytes)

Shanghai and Pudong are kept relatively clean by these nice people.


Lawn mowers.JPG (23124 bytes)

Chinese lawn mowers.  How many people does it take to keep the city parks in the shape they are with these methods?


Market1.JPG (28355 bytes)

People in the market were friendly, and with only one exception, were happy to pose or have their picture taken.


Market2.JPG (38904 bytes)

This is were you'd get your prawns for dinner.


Market3.JPG (31861 bytes)   Or, if you are more adventurous, your snake...


Fish tanks.JPG (25375 bytes)

This is not a pet store.  It's what's for dinner...  Jim and David choosing the main dish.


Big load1.JPG (18713 bytes)

In some places, people think you need a full sized pickup truck to carry half this load...


Big load2.JPG (16005 bytes)

Or at least an minivan to carry this one ocasionally.


Parking.JPG (26637 bytes)

Popular parking spot.


Ice-cream.JPG (17470 bytes)

I don't know what you call ice-cream in Chinese.  It doesn't seem to matter to these guys...


McD.JPG (34736 bytes)

Resistance is futile, prepare to be assimilated...  ;-)

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Copyright GBuhacoff.   All pictures were taken with a Kodak FunSaver™ camera.