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Rivera mural in the National Palace.

Rivera mural in the National Palace.

Political rally.

The Zocalo is huge, it allows bringing thousands of people to see these temporary exhibitions without using all the space.

Somebody has got to keep them all inline...

These pedi-cabs are becoming more popular.  Good thing the city center is mostly flat...

Going to work.

Mexico is still a very poor country - you see a lot of people begging on the streets.

Traffic police.

Did I mention the crowds are huge around the Zocalo?

The Metropolitan Cathedral standing over the Aztec Templo Mayor.

Templo Mayor.

Templo Mayor.

Street food.

These are the taxis they warned you about...

The entrance to the Metro at Chapultepec.

Lizbeth and Martha in the Metro.


The main road was closed, we looked for a shortcut...

Narrow streets are typical of this town.

Despite what Lizbeth told me, this is what we really came here for.  Taxco is the silver jewelry capital of Mexico.


The streets are steep.



Martha enjoying her Aztec soup. 

Now these are tacos!


There are some really nice, hidden, gardens in Taxco.

Lots of stair-step streets allow pedestrians to take shortcuts.

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