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Taxco city hall.

Cobble stone streets are not car (no to mention bike) friendly when wet.

Scooters are increasingly popular here.  ATGATT?  Never heard of it...

Taxco's "private" church.

Taxco's "private" church.

Street vendor in Taxco.

Taxco's zocalo.

If you are not careful, you'll end up buying a lot of "stuff".

Taxco's micro-bus are almost all exclusively old VW buses.  Most, without a rear side door for convenience.

Local musician.

This must be a first - walking out of a store empty handed...


Water delivery.

Old timer in the zocalo.

Taxco street vendor.

Steep, narrow street with tight corners.

Everybody needs a 3-point turn to get around.

Of course, it's a two way street, so sometimes you don't even get the whole space to yourself...


Steep, narrow and wet cobble stone streets...

Narrow mountain roads, rain and heavy traffic.  Somebody always finds an interesting agricultural excursion to go on...

Holy cow!

Forget silver jewelry, what Lizbeth really needs is a food market to be happy...

Pambaso, flautas, tostadas...

Metepec's food market.

You even get folkloric music to go with dinner.

Teotihuacan - Pyramid of the Sun.

It's even steeper than it looks.

Enjoying the view.

Martha admiring Teotihuacan from the Sun Pyramid.

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