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Food market in Coyoacan.

Food market in Coyoacan.

Food market in Coyoacan.

It used to be safe to park anywhere you wanted in Mexico City.  Someone is in for a surprise when they come back...

Environmental education with mupets in Coyoacan.

Frida's blue house.

Heaven is a mango and chile iced drink.

Gandhi - The place to buy books in Mexico.

Walking around San Angel.


San Angel's flower market.

Plaza de las tres culturas - Tlatelolco.

Tlatelolco market.

Tlatelolco market.


Pre-Hispanic Tlatelolco.



Lizbeth and Martha in Mexico City.

The Maria Cristina's courtyard is a nice place to get away from the city madness.

Paseo Reforma closes for car traffic on Sundays.

Even the police come out to exercise.

While their buddies try to keep traffic under control at the major intersections.


Need to catch up on the news?

Selling newspapers in the DF.

The Alameda used to be the place to take a stroll on weekends.  Now it's more of a market than a high society destination.

On any given day, you can find several political demonstrations in the DF.

Bellas Artes.

Bochos used to be the most popular car in Mexico.  Many are still in use as taxis.

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