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They look pretty cheery for someone that woke up at 4 AM...

After our first walk in the DF, Martha explains culture shock:

Who would want to live here anyway...?

Culture shock discussion over, we go for a stroll on Paseo Reforma.

There is more/new bench art on Paseo Reforma.

El Angel de la Independencia.

Now it looks better...

Catching up on the daily news.

This monument brought to you by...

Hey, it's almost a picture of me!

Turibus takes you around the major tourist attractions.  The weather was nice, we preferred to walk.

Paseo Reforma - you can sort of see Chapultepec in the background.

Educational art - new exhibit talks about environmental effects to native animals.

This is what it takes to keep Paseo Reforma clean...

and illuminated.

You can see dancers all over the city, but I'm not sure these guys are authentic.

I have no doubts these guys are - Voladores de Papantla:

They dance before they climb.

Five of them climb the tall pole.

While they get ready, others try to cut in on their show.

The crowd is waiting...


And they jump backwards into the air...


Lizbeth and Martha in Mexico's anthropology museum.

Aztec calendar.

Martha listening to the museum guide.

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