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Good place to stay close to the city center.

Maria Cristina courtyard.

El Zocalo

PEMEX (state owned oil co.) is in trouble, there is a political "fight" over it's future.

Free hugs.

Diego Rivera murals in the National Palace

Declaration of independence of the Mexican Empire...

The original assembly hall in the National Palace.

National Palace courtyard.

Mexico City is built on a lake.  It's sinking.

Cacti garden.

Carlos and Diego.

Street vendor.

Tacos, tacos...

Exorcism, Mexica style.

Different ways to make a peso.

Public service with a smile.

The Spaniards built modern Mexico City over the ruins of the old Aztec city.  Now every place you dig turns an archaeological site...

You can buy anything in the Zocalo.

Metro police keeps the large crowds well behaved.

Dancing seemed very popular around el Zocalo.

You see a surprising amount of policewomen in Mexico City.

Relaxing Sunday afternoon.

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