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Cafe El Popular is very popular...

Cafe El Popular - daily menu - $4 for a four course meal.  No wonder it's popular.

Scary Mexican police...

Mimes in various disguises are even more plentiful than the dancers.

Inside Mexico's cathedral.

Cathedral's organ.

Holy water?  Anything to make a buck inside the cathedral too...

You can see part of the Aztec ruins under the cathedral.

Mimes and clowns usually get good crowds.

Street food.

More sinking buildings (can you see it's leaning back?).

Mexican police like to ride in the back of trucks.

Talking head.

Mexicans don't let small details like having an actual taxi license stop them from going to work.  Legit taxis have plates that start with the letter A (the one on the right, or the older L and S series).  The one on the left is a pirate taxi, it has a regular plate.

Registration number starts with an "A" - legit taxi.

Regular registration number - not a legit taxi.

Keeping the historic center clean is a full time job for many, many people.

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