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With Federico and his SO in Santiago.


Alicia and Carlos.

Plaza Italia.

8th Annual Harley International Meeting in Mendoza.

Local hacked Harley.

Mendoza has some really nice Plazas.

Plaza Indenpendencia.

Plaza Indenpendencia .

Mendoza Harley Gather is definitely a family event.

Mendoza Harley Gather brings lots of Brazilians to town.

Chilean Police-like Harley, complete with red and blue lights.

I'm not sure what the word for poser is in Spanish...

Motorcycle parking is just about anywhere you find space...

Mendoza Harley Gather

Car tires seem to popular as replacements for rears around here.

She was taking notes...

Local rider

Local rider

More locals.

Local trike.

She rode in like that.  Not exactly ATGATT...

Is this a motorcycle related discussion?

No trailer queen.

Interesting helmet sticker...

Mendoza Harley Gather - Even the local bike cops showed up.

My dad likes Road Kings.

La Patisserie at the Hyatt is a good place to eat.

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