Argentina 2004 - Page 2


An old crane in Puerto Madero. Note the Escort lane splitting a two lane street...

Part of the clan in Bs. As.

My uncle Martin looks just like my late grandfather.

Migue and Mabel invited us to a great dinner.

Sunday is a very busy day in San Telmo.

Lunch on the balcony.

Viviana browsing local art.

Old house converted to gallery.

Playing and singing Tango on the street.

Full Tango concert on the streets of San Telmo.

San Telmo.

Drinking coffee is a favorite activity of Mendocinos.

Plaza España.

Argentinean grill.


Mario, Gaby, Renzo and Bruno.

Renzo making a wish.

Fabian, Alicia and Carlos showing off their deserts.

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Copyright © GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with Minolta Dimage X.