Winter in Oregon


Trillium Lake1.jpg (47711 bytes)

Lizbeth snowshoeing near Trillium Lake


XC Lizbeth & Tony.jpg (48983 bytes)

Lizbeth and Tony trying XC skiing at Teacup Lake


XC snow test.jpg (46114 bytes)

Lizbeth doing a snow test...


Trillium Lake2.jpg (44443 bytes)

Lizbeth at Trilium Lake with Mt. Hood in the background.


Trillium Lake3.jpg (63624 bytes)

The main road into Trilium Lake.


Teacup Lake1.jpg (68707 bytes)

Lizbeth skiing at Teacup Lake


Teacup Lake2.jpg (72261 bytes)

Teacup Lake with Mt. Hood in the background.


Teacup Lake3.jpg (80665 bytes)

What a difference a year makes...


Copyright GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with Minolta Dimage X.