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Georgetown - the view from the Shangri-La.  An interesting mix of old and new.


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Old buildings of the Chinese quarter.


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The best satays in town...


Khoo Kongsi1.JPG (44221 bytes)

Khoo Kongsi clan temple.  Said to be one of the most extravagant temples in Asia, the details are simply amazing.                  All that glitters is gold, in this case...


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Welcome Tourists, Bye-bye Tenants!  I saw these posters mainly around the Chinese quarter. 


SriMariamman.JPG (30793 bytes)

Sri Mariamman - Hindu temple.


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Scooters rule the streets of Penang.


EasternOriental.JPG (29140 bytes)

Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Georgetown's oldest, est 1881.


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Georgetown - Fishermen's (modest) village in the shadows of growing high-rises.


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PDX-9343 - the fastest EX5 in Penang.  Very appropriate license plate.


Pier1.JPG (32697 bytes)

Yes, that is an anchor on the back of that scooter.  Door to dock delivery.


Tropical Fruit.JPG (38623 bytes)

THE Tropical Fruit farm on the west side of Penang.  Great variety to choose from.


VilageGirls.JPG (36035 bytes)

Welcoming committee...


SnakeTemple.JPG (26616 bytes)

Snake Temple - Silly tourist playing with snakes...


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