WSB Laguna Seca 2002


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Hwy 96 follows the Klamath River in northern CA.


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Trinideli - AC and good sandwiches.  What more can you ask for?


JoeLs.JPG (64009 bytes)

Joe, our gracious host in Ukiah.


Mt View Rds.JPG (118597 bytes)

Man it's only 10AM and it's already too hot...


Hwy1s.JPG (58876 bytes)

Finally got to the coast.  It's not hot anymore.


Dr Peppers.JPG (52524 bytes)

Brian's addiction... ;-)


SantaCruzs.JPG (51885 bytes)

Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz.


Bayliss1s.JPG (41141 bytes)

Baylis getting familiar with the Corkscrew on Friday.


BBoz1s.JPG (51272 bytes)

Ben Bostrom probably knows it as well as anybody.


Edwards1s.JPG (40303 bytes)

Same goes for Edwards.


Poser1s.JPG (83235 bytes)

Some Poser polishing his Ducati... ;-)  Tim actually rode this thing from IDAHO!   Talk about an iron butt.


Poser2s.JPG (75526 bytes)

The number of kicks it takes to start is always proportional to the number of spectators.  Based on that, I was expecting him to stay there all night...


Poser3s.JPG (73498 bytes)

Whew!  It only took like 5 kicks...  Everybody was impressed that some people actually ride their Ducatis... ;-)


MultiStrada1s.JPG (100931 bytes)

My favorite Ducati.


CanneryRow1s.JPG (79774 bytes)

Monterey's Cannery Row on Friday night.  I had never seen so many squids in one place before.


Bus1.JPG (55724 bytes)

Waiting for Bus 39 to Laguna Seca.


MileRCuts.JPG (51689 bytes)

Aprilia Mile R.  The sticker on the frame says: MSRP $17K (includes the rest of the bike too)


PitBabes1s.JPG (83406 bytes)

It wouldn't be a world class race without pit babes.


BrianBeth.JPG (54828 bytes)

Brian and Beth at the Ducati Island.


BBoz2s.JPG (26432 bytes)

While we were doing our walk of the track, BBoz came by on some scooters with his mechanics (yes I was slow to take out the camera...)


Rory&Vicky1s.JPG (45909 bytes)

Rory and Vicky in the hot pits after the track walk.


Nicky1s.JPG (77817 bytes)

Nicky watching the results of the morning warm-up.


EBoz1s.JPG (70584 bytes)

E Boz watching his results in the morning.


BBoz3s.JPG (89168 bytes)

B Boz conferring with his mechanics before the WSB race.


Banelli1s.JPG (60057 bytes)

This has to be the coolest starter in WSB pits.


Race1Confs.JPG (52556 bytes)

Xaus, Baylis and Edwards in the press conference after race 1.


PitBabes2s.JPG (100869 bytes)

I never knew there were so many flavors of Corona.  Pit babes, part 2.


Monterey1s.JPG (47186 bytes)

Monterey bay.


Evergreen1s.JPG (79383 bytes)

On Monday night, this was the best place to stay in CA...


Lassen1s.JPG (76263 bytes)

Brian going up the mountain in Lassen National Volcanic Park.


Lassen2s.JPG (79921 bytes)

Lassen Park.


Copyright GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with Minolta Dimage X.