Ireland - 2003


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Temple Bar is THE place to go on any evening in Dublin.


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The actual Temple Bar


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Inside Temple Bar


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From the bar you should probably go straight to church


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Where you will always find a priest on call.  One never knows when one will be needed...


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If the priest can't solve your problems, the Garda will.


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St. Stephen's Green


Palace1.jpg (73928 bytes)

Dublin Castle.


Hill of Tara1.jpg (77492 bytes)

Lia Fail - Hill of Tara


Hill of Tara2.jpg (48201 bytes)

The view from Hill of Tara


Newgrange1.jpg (111450 bytes)

The Megalithic Passage Tomb at Newgrange was built about 3200 BC.


Newgrange2.jpg (78454 bytes)

This gives a better feel for the size of this site.


Navan1.jpg (111397 bytes)

This used to be the region's governor's fortress.


Navan2.jpg (63816 bytes)

Could use a bit of TLC...


Liexlip1.jpg (61472 bytes)

Downtown Liexlip.


House1.jpg (67332 bytes)

House in Liexlip.


Lucan1.jpg (76340 bytes)

It's never Miller Time around here - Courtney's in Lucan.


Lucan2.jpg (63633 bytes)

Mr. Toolan does not make books.



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