Costa Rica


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The Melia Cariari has typical Tico architecture, with natural air conditioning.  I like it.


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I think these guys like it too...


Way to San Jose1.JPG (29888 bytes)

The way to San Jose...


Flowers1.JPG (28010 bytes)

Just your typical wild flowers, bananas and coffee growing by the side of the road.


Jaco bridge1.JPG (26320 bytes)

This is Jaco's main bridge until the real one is rebuilt.


Lagarto1.JPG (19146 bytes)

When you get to a bridge that has a sign that reads: "Peligro Lagarto", they are not pulling your leg...


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White faced monkeys are very common in Costa Rica.


Monkey2.JPG (38478 bytes)

But these red ones seemed to be a lot friendlier.


Tree1.JPG (53578 bytes)

This is the trunk of one tree.


Manuel Antonio2.JPG (19638 bytes)

The beach outside Manuel Antonio.


Manuel Antonio1.JPG (18867 bytes)

It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it...


Villa Bosque1.JPG (43596 bytes)

Mike and Jason in their natural habitat.  Pura Vida!


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