Central OR - Bend to CA border

Or Trailer Queens, Part 2:

Trailer Queens loaded and ready to go.

Dirt, we found dirt...

Brian kicking up some dust.

First mechanical of the trip - Brian's DRZ looses a bolt.

The view from the top of that hill.

It doesn't look that steep in the picture.

Brian and the DRZ's.

Forest observation tower.

Lunch in Christmas Valley.

Tony the dust maker.

Fandango Rd. after the cattle guard.

Tony having a good time.

Fandango Rd.


The homestead.

Downtown Paisley.

Sunset on the hills.

Breakfast at the Homestead in Paisley.

Gotta watch for those open range cows...


Surprisingly little dust...

Brian taking over dust making duties...

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Copyright © GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with a Canon SD450.