Around the NorthWet

Ride to the Oregon coast:

Gustavo @ The Capes.JPG (58064 bytes)

Overlooking the Capes.


Terry looking over Oceanside.JPG (50952 bytes)

Terry, over Oceanside.


Ride with Dave and Brian to Mt. St. Helen:

St Helens1.JPG (37794 bytes)

Up around Mt St. Helens


St Helens2.JPG (45167 bytes)

Brian: Is this stand really going to hold it...?


St Helens3.JPG (51855 bytes)

Certainly!  Dave, Brian and Guzzi still standing...


Y2K New Year's weekend ride with Brian:

New Year's ride1.JPG (41631 bytes)

This was a nice road, but it was getting a little cold, even with the heated jackets...


New Year's ride2.JPG (49137 bytes)

VFRs are very good bikes, but don't ride well with 0 psi in the rear tire... 

Fix-a-Flat only good to get bike dirty this time (see blueish stains everywhere).