Spring in the NW


Oceanside 11.jpg (35614 bytes)

Oregon coast, north of Oceanside.


Oceanside 21.jpg (38445 bytes)

Julie, Lizbeth and Brian.


Oceanside 31.jpg (61339 bytes)

Whisper and Lizbeth at the beach.


Oceanside 41.jpg (37876 bytes)

Beach at Oceanside.


Oceanside 51.jpg (23752 bytes)

Oceanside sunset.


Goat Mt 1.jpg (32254 bytes)

On a cloudy Sunday we went up Goat Mt...


Goat Mt 2.jpg (39171 bytes)

High enough to find this.  On May 2nd, it was snowing at this elevation.


Liz @ Bald Peak.jpg (53390 bytes)

This was a much nicer day.  Only two days earlier.


Cape Horn - Columbia Gorge.jpg (30239 bytes)

Cape Horn - Columbia Gorge


Copyright GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with Minolta Dimage X.