Around the NWet 2009 - Page 3

Running from the Sun:

What better way to start your weekend?  You got nice temps, your Harley, your latte...

This definitely isn't a good way to start your weekend...

This truck had it's turn signal on since it came into my view...

80,000 lbs rolling down the highway and it's basically driving itself.

Cool oldie.

Another driver asleep at the wheel.

Finally!  Of the highway and on to the great empty roads of the Coast Range.

Can you see me smiling?

Stopped in Lorane for a cup of coffee.

Single lane forest roads.

Exploring the forest.

Man this looks fast...

This is the best map I've seen of forest service roads.

That map made me try a couple of new options across the Coast Range.

This is what passes for pavement here.

This isn't even pretending to be paved.

New decoration for the Versys.

I guess nobody had been by here for some time...

Smith River.

Smith River.

Reedsport bridge.

Siltcoos Lake.

North end of the Oregon Dunes.

Lunch in Florence.

This place was a real biker hangout.

One of these isn't the same as the others...

Real customs.  Note the muffler...

Somebody mentioned you don't see many V-Rods.  This is the even rarer Night-Rod version.

Back in the middle of nowhere.

Fisher covered bridge (dates back to 1927).

I even took my helmet off for the occasion.

It was getting hot inland, so I bailed back to the coast.

Cool car, no idea what this is.

Oregon coast, near Newport.

Newport bridge.  You can start to see the marine layer covering everything.  It's getting cold...

Boiler Bay.  Now it was really cold.

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Copyright © GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with a Canon SD450.