Around the NWet 2008 - Page 6

Lunch in Oakridge:

Nice clean helmet.  Not for long...

Surprisingly light traffic on the way south.

When I got to the rest area, Ken was already waiting for me.

Say hi Ken.

Dueling cameras.

US-20 starts to climb into the mountains.

Ken at the Westfir covered bridge.

Hey, I was there too!

The straight section on FS-19.

Tight, blind curves.

Tight, blind and in the shade...

Too fast for the camera.

I think 35 ft. is way too long a vehicle for this road.

Ken starting to climb McKenzie Pass.

Wide Goldwing - the overhanging aluminum are actually crutches for the rider.

Lava rock beds at the top of McKenzie Pass.

Hwy 242.

The Sisters mountains.

Ken going down the east side of McKenzie Pass.

Ponderosa Pines near Sisters.

Not the best way to end your weekend...

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Copyright © GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with a Canon SD450.