Around the NWet 2006 - Page 7


Another attempt to get across Trask Mountain...

IMG_1813.jpg (130028 bytes)

Looks like it had good tires, I wonder if it runs...


IMG_1814.jpg (138788 bytes)

Ran into some cool bridges and streams.


IMG_1816.jpg (124617 bytes)

It was a hot day, but pleasant in the shade.


IMG_1817.jpg (109594 bytes)

Going up the mountain, logging usually means closed access roads.


IMG_1818.jpg (115097 bytes)

Piles of debris ready to be burnt.


IMG_1821.jpg (130616 bytes)

When the trail starts getting narrow, you know it's about to dead end.


IMG_1823.jpg (108341 bytes)

On the fly shots are a bit harder on this type of surface.


IMG_1824.jpg (157868 bytes)

I was thinking of using this bridge.


IMG_1827.jpg (156725 bytes)

Then I saw what it was really like, and I changed my mind.


IMG_1831.jpg (91150 bytes)

I made it to the coast!



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Copyright GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with a Canon SD450.