Around the NWet 2006 - Page 11


Dual Sporting around Goose Neck Creek

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Knobbies and 6 psi don't result in very good handling, do they?


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If you visit Willamina, go say thanks to Randy for leaving the air and water on 24/7.


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Up on the ridge over Goose Neck Creek.


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It wouldn't be Oregon without some rain, would it?  My off-road gear is not waterproof...



Dirt riding at Brown's Camp


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Brian and Tony taking a much needed break.


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Brian climbing a hill.


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This is me climbing the same hill.  Note - Not quite as good a line as Brian's...


IMG_2341.jpg (143199 bytes) I almost dropped it making the turn.  Once again, Tony was denied the pleasure of seeing me crash...


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Back in the groove.


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Copyright GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with a Canon SD450.