Around the NWet 2006 - Page 10


I wasn't going to Windy Ridge, honestly...


IMG_1932.jpg (91319 bytes)

Surfing Wind River highway.


IMG_1934.jpg (106993 bytes)

This is high on my list of favorite roads.


IMG_1946.jpg (91862 bytes)

Went exploring some dirt roads.


IMG_1954.jpg (143769 bytes)

Found this really nice place to stop and have lunch.


IMG_1961.jpg (118784 bytes)

You always have to watch for those hidden treasures just off the road.


IMG_1965.jpg (62614 bytes)

Right.  I wasn't going to Windy Ridge, but I was so close at the end of my original loop...


IMG_1972.jpg (68620 bytes)

Back in Portland.


IMG_1973.jpg (57537 bytes)

And one more time through the Vista Ridge tunnel.


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Copyright GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with a Canon SD450.