Around the NWet 2006


Exploring the Nestucca area in winter:

Nestuca01.jpg (102485 bytes)

It was a bright but cold day - Nestucca River Road.


Nestuca02.jpg (100925 bytes)

Did I mention it was cold?


Dirt riding around Brown's Camp:

IMG_1010.jpg (103769 bytes)

Tony at one of Brown's Camp staging areas.  Note the nice and shinny DRZ.


IMG_1011.jpg (136951 bytes)

My DRZ used to be yellow, my boots black...


IMG_1013.jpg (97713 bytes)

Tony doing his best AdvRider salute.


IMG_1014.jpg (123910 bytes)

Is the clutch lever supposed to hang off like that?  Nice curvy radiator too.  Tony inspecting the damage.  It's actually not as bad as it seemed.



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Copyright GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with Canon A520.