Aloha!  Riding Hawaii's Big Island - Page 1

The road to Kua Bay.

Kua Bay.


Riding north on Akoni Pule Hwy you can see Maui in the background.

U'pulo - Kona's northern tip.

Good place for wind power generation, it was always windy here.



Riding along Kohala Mountain Rd.

My new buddy - Gustavo Acosta.

The not-so-nicely-paved section of Saddle Rd.

Everywhere you look the scenery is amazing.

Yours truly.

Going up to Mauna Kea.

Mauna Kea.

I wonder where this road goes...

Mauna Loa under the clouds.

Another shot of Mauna Kea.

The better paved section of Saddle Rd.

Saddle Rd.

Saddle Rd.

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