Israel 2008 - Page 3

St. Peter monastery, Jerusalem.

Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem.

Southern end of Jerusalem's old city.

I have some Holly Water too, if you'd like some...

Dome of the Rock and Western Wall.

Orthodox tour of Jerusalem.

Praying at the Western Wall.

Western Wall synagogue.

Guy preparing another feast.

It seems all we do is eat...

Kids in Gush Halav, a mixed Christian Arab and Jewish town in northern Israel.

Older houses are right on the street.

Gush Halav.

"My" Skoda Roomster.

Samir explains the construction technique of this old, Syrian style, house his father lives in.

The house is built into the mountain side, literally, into the rock.

Irit, Guy, Tair and Shiraz.

George's old gramophone.

George plays all sorts of traditional instruments.

The hill on the far side of the valley is in Lebanon.

Picking cherries.


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