Israel 2008 - Page 2

Jerusalem's new light-rail bridge by Calatrava

Cafe on the beach in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv's promenade at night.

Israeli mounted police.

Mounted police, not quite same mount as above.

Montefiori's windmill.

King David hotel in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem's IMCA.

This has to be by far my favorite YMCA.

This has to be by far my favorite YMCA.

Dublin pub, Jerusalem.  Val said it's the best Guinness he's had outside of the real Dublin.

Jerusalem's Ben Yehuda St.

Don't ask me why we went here, Val had a long, nostalgic, story for this one...

Middle Eastern food in Abu-Gosh.

Jerusalem - Old and new.

Avihai leading the tour of the old city.

King David Hotel, the day Bush left.

Tower of David.

You have to remember that it's a working city.  Cars show up in some of the least expected places.

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