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Hey, it's a plane!


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Tel Aviv traffic makes you wish you had a scooter too.


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So does Tel Aviv Parking.


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Yoav running errands.


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This is Yoav.  He, like most Israelis, is always on the phone, either talking or texting.  ;-)


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Yoav and Natali.  I bet Natali was thinking:  Do I really have to open this thing?  No, luckily, that's Yoav's job.


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Natali setting up the table.  Yoav is still on the phone...


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Yes, I was there too.


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This is Messa.  The place you need reservations to guarantee a seat at the bar.


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Tel Aviv metro traffic.  This is another palce you wish you rode a bike or a scooter.


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In the Hebrew text, I wanted to go to the top one, not the second to spend the night.


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