Chase the Snake 2010 - Page 3

Can't have a Reservation without at least one casino.

Tony charging the Spiral Hwy.

Tony charging the Spiral Hwy.

Brian working on reshaping the footpegs.

Riding along the Snake.


After all that hard work, a well earned excellent dinner at Chris and John's.

Even more idyllic than a Little House in the Prairie.

Colfax' airport.

Kahlotus to Pasco Rd.

Up on the ridge on Kahlotus to Pasco Rd.

Kahlotus to Pasco Rd.

Tony, Brian and Hanna.

Cool V8 powered trike.


Lunch stop at the Bluebird in Bickleton.

Local squid.

Work of art.

Mt. Adams.


Crossing back to Oregon, Mt. Hood peaking above Hood River.

Hood River bridge.

Crossing the Columbia.

Tony testing his luck with Portland's finest...

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Copyright © GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with a Panasonic DMC-FS15.