Chase the Snake 2010 - Page 1

Damp start on the ride to Colfax.

A sunny Columbia Gorge.

Tony, Brian and Hanna.

Crossing into Washington.

Lunch stop at the Market Street Cafe in Bickelton.

Brian on the road from Bickelton to Mabton.

Buell riders wave back.

Brian following Chris and Dave.

Finally crossing the Snake.

Riding along the Snake River.

Chris stretching his legs.



Horses in the Palouse.

We finally made it to Chris and John's place for a great dinner.

Rolling hills of the Palouse.

Brian and Tony on the road to Troy.

HMarc on the road to Bovil.

Idaho sized truck.

If it has wheels, it's street legal in Elk River.

Huckleberry Heaven, Elk River.  Tony doing something to his KTM...

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Copyright © GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with a Panasonic DMC-FS15.