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Traveling with old folks requires special exercise often. ;-)


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The Market Street Cafe in Bickleton serves the best food in town.   Granted, there isn't much in the way of competition...


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The Snake at Central Ferry.  Our second crossing of the day.


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This looked like a government job.  One worker and 5 supervisors. 

Ken fighting electrical gremlins on his rear lights of his super cool Elefant (Elefant?   Who makes that?  ;-)


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Kicking tires at the motel.


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Not only does it have electrical problems, it also makes oil disapear.   Typical Ducati... ;-)


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Pullman's finest knew we were up to no good, so they came and gave us "preventive tickets" before we even got breakfast.

Seriously, Pullman has some cool officers that really love motorcycles.   They came to visit both mornings we were there.


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After the we were released by Pullman's police, we managed to grab some breakfast at the Old European.


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The "Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way" crew. 

They seem to have chosen to follow, as four sport bikes didn't seem to be able to pass Tim, two-up on the Tiger...  ;-)


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Gooz's midlife crisis bike.  ;-)


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