Argentina 2005 - Page 2


Calle Sarmiento, Mendoza's pedestrian mall in the early evening.

Ice cream at 1 AM?  It wasn't even getting busy at this time.

Alicia and Lizbeth having breakfast in the market.

Spices and condiments.

Cheeses and cold meats.

OJ break.

Prices in the market are significantly cheaper than grocery stores

Local butcher.

Alicia and Lizbeth got a lesson in Argentine cuts from this butcher.

We took the tram home.

Local artists setup shop in the city's plazas in the afternoon.

Veronica and Lizbeth.

Mendoza's old train station.

Bruno, Chester and Lizbeth at the Alba nursery.

Mario makes the best grilled food I know.

Sunday driver.

Local Matchless out for a Sunday ride.

Gillera in the only correct Italian color.

Local "scooter trash" - Lambreta's are popular.

1937 Zundapp.  I was surprised by his riding gear, it's much better than most...

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Copyright © GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with Minolta Dimage X.